Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ross Mirkarimi member of San Francisco Board of Supervisors

For immediate release: June 9, 2004

SAN FRANCISCO – The nation's leading political campaign trade publication has broke with its Democratic/Republican tradition and named a Green Party political consultant as one of the country's "rising stars."

"Campaigns & Elections Magazine" profiled San Francisco Green Party activist and consultant Ross Mirkarimi this month and named him as one of 15 "National Rising Stars." He was given the magazine's "General Excellence" award.

Mr. Mirkarimi has acted as a consultant to the highly successful Matt Gonzalez for Mayor campaign this year in San Francisco, for former Green Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader, and gubernatorial Green candidate Peter Camejo.

Mr. Mirkarimi has also worked over the past 15 years for the Police Reform initiative, Campaign Finance Reform, Public Power and the Sunshine Law and many others. He has a reputation in political circles as a tireless fighter for the underdog and as someone who can turn a long-shot into a contender.

Mr. Mirkarimi is now a Green Party candidate for the District 5 Supervisor seat in San Francisco

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