Saturday, October 15, 2005

Diane Feinstein a Falling Star

Diane Feinstein was sending a message to the voters. "I am the real Anglo-Saxon American and Mr. Mirkarimi is not a real American". " That was the impression she was trying to give by saying "I was born in San Francisco" meaning Mr. Mirkarimi is really an Iranian-American. But comparing Mr. Mirkarimi's picture with Diane Feinstein, you get the impression that Mr. Mirkarimi looks more mainstream American than Diane Feinstein. Diane Feinstein is actually a Jewish Polish-American. Mr. Mirkarimi is a native of Rhode Island and has been living in San Francisco for 20 years. When Mr. Mirkarimi started to run for the Board of Supervisors, the whole democratic party machinery in San Francisco panicked and they threw 28 candidates for him to compete with in his district. That is when normally you do not have more than 5 candidates competing for seats in any district in San Francisco. Mr. Mirkarimi defeated all of them with big margins and won the seat.

Gevin Newsom the Mayor of San Francisco, Diane Feinstein the senator from California and Bornstein the editor of San Francisco Chronicle all tried to have Mirkarmi defeated. Despite all these odds Ross Mirkarimi got elected. And somebody who can defeat this kind of gigantic political machinery in San Francisco, is regarded as a superman by the officials of the democratic party. They never thought that is possible.

The question of battleship Iowa was an issue that brought Feinstein and Mirkarimi into open conflict. But the real issues of disagreements in San Francisco runs deeper than Iowa. Mr. Mirkarimi is actively involved in police accountability reform in San Francisco. Diane Feinstein is a staunch supporter of police. She always have press conferences with the police about the issue of "Gun Control" practically every month. That is "Gun Control" for ordinary citizens but not any "Gun Control" for police.

The other issue separting Mirkarimi and Feinstein is the question political power for Iranians in California. Mr. Mirkarimi is a part of an Iranian-American political lobbying group in California. These groups work for the increased influence of Iranian-American community in California politics. Mr. Mirkarimi has been named as one of 15 future biggest political figures in US politics.

Diane Feinstein is definitely against any influence by Iranians in California. She is also a falling star after many years in Washington has very little to show for California voters. The democratic party itself in a state of collapse after defeats in national elections. The senate intelligence committee which she is a ranking member is in chaos after all the purges in CIA in connection with the new leadership assuming power under Porter Goss as the new director for the CIA.


Hamed said...

DiFi sucks and should be censored, impeached and ostracized as yet another "Lieberman Democrat" who abuses the position of representation entrusted to her by her constituents and chooses merely to represent her own selfish interests.

We need a break from the low standards we hold our politicians to.

Anonymous said...

feinstein is o pro zionist presence in the constitutional usa and so is ross and so are all college chancellors very highly paid and all of obamas czars and dhs is the aipac zio neo con police force to stifle f=gentile anglo saxon citizens of the usa ...doctors lawyers ivy league schools with a 40-50% ashkenazzi student dody and brabdeis being almost all fake hebrew askenazzis zionist christians and brainwashed americans have alot to learn...wash.dc and corporate ameria and the private federal reserve are all run by the stealth brother hood of zionists ...