Saturday, October 15, 2005

Comments from Supporters

Diane Feinstein Supporter Letter to Mr. Mirkarimi:

A Letter to Mr. Mirkarimi:

You, Mr. Mirkarimi, are a DISGRACE to America, and so are your Komrades. How DARE you dishonor those who sacrificed for you to have the RIGHT to hate America as you do. And let’s not kid ourselves, buddy; don’t pretend that you love America–you only love the Utopian States of America that exists in your imagination. Anything short of that is shameful to you, isn’t it? It’s an absolute crime that America-haters actually hold positions in government in this country–it’s only due to our greatness and our freedom that scum like you are allowed to.

You represent everything that is WRONG in my country. My sole consolation is simply that it must be hellish to be such a self-loathing, miserable bastard as you are. You can be sure that although MY money might not be much to you, it won’t be going to San Franciscostan or anything that comes from there.

Mirkarimi Supporter on Bornstein (Former husband of Sharon Stone) the editor of San Francisco Chronicle moves to defeat Mirkarimi:

This is yet another indication of just how out of touch with San Francisco the Chron has become. I held out for a bit of hope when the paper endorsed (albeit weakly) Green Lisa Feldstein (African American) in district 5, but now I suspect that was a cynical ploy to weaken support for front runner Green Ross Mirkarimi.

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